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Hang Drums

In these times, alternative forms of therapy and healing are featured everywhere with one of them being sound healing.  Music is healing and we all know the emotional benefits of music when listening to it. More so, sound can also be used for wellbeing as a tool to deal with stress, anxiety and trauma.

Handpans are one of the most potent instruments when it comes to sound healing as they possess a great resonance and through their convex, round design, their sounds emanate in all directions, filling the whole room with vibration and resonance.


Handpans and steeldrums are one of the few instruments where each musical note is tuned into a 1:2:3 frequency ratio, meaning there are three frequencies in each note anytime it is played. Most other instruments only possess two frequencies in each note. The three frequencies of the handpan are a fundamental tone, an octave harmonic and a compound fifth harmonic. The second frequency (the octave) is exactly half the size of the first (fundamental), and the third frequency (the compound fifth) is one third the size of the first (fundamental).

The frequency ratio is important for sound healing, as the frequency ratio is already simplified by splitting the ratios into half and a third. Sense and perception researchers have found out that the human brain loves to simplify frequency ratios when it hears it. Since the frequency ratio of the handpan are already as simplified as possible, it has a very harmonizing and calming effect on our brains. The frequency of the soft sounds emitted by the handpan sends signals to our brain that it is safe to relax and to let go of stress and tension. 


The hand pan possesses magical healing qualities that help release stress and tension. The sound is almost hypnotic and innocent, and listening brings joy and peace.

Much like yoga, the sound has a healing quality on the body, mind and spirit

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