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Mindfulnessa state of mind of being fully aware of your feelings and experiences.


We live in an incredibly busy world with afast pace of life and frantic in our minds always busy, and Life can be overwhelming. Our minds fill with chatter, our view of the world becomes tainted and distorted, and our ability to be present is lostThis Mindfulness yoga retreat is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with your senses and unwind. Set on 42 acres at Hatfield House is the Oak House, a wellness haven like no other for the day. Its a labour of love designed for you to experience and practice yoga and mindfulness in a way that you can simply use everyday. Its a beautiful day suitable for those who wants to explore the wonderful possibilities that yoga, mindfulness, somatic techniques, and meditation can offer. A chance to reconnect with what's most important.

Whether you are looking to reduce stress, ease depression, improve your well-being or have a reset, this day is completely designed to do just that. Its perfect for complete beginners and mindfulness masters alike.

23 April 2023

10-5 pm

The Oak House 

A day retreat filled with yoga, nature, delicious food and beautifully concluded with a sound bath. We greet the morning with a mindfulness practice to become grounded and then the foundations of the physical practice. We tune into our body with alignment, breath and connection using the art of mindfulness. We stop for a tasty and nutritional lunch at the Couch House Kitchen and then, we have time for a meditation walk through the surrounding of this beautiful park and with each element we 

The afternoon session is about relaxing our body with a restorative yoga practice of deep relaxation techniques that emphasizes the meditative aspect of yoga before moving on to the sound bath to bring the body back to its natural state of balance and harmony. Relaxing deeper for the the sounds to soothe your nervous system, quiet your mind, alleviate deeply held tension.

Through the sound bath you may experience a loss of body awareness and become so relaxed that you may even have dreams or feeling of elated happiness. You may even dose off which is perfectly fine, being conscious during a sounds bath is not essential. So sit back, lie down and just enjoy the vibrations of the gong as it instantly harmonizes your body’s vibrations, bringing you back into your natural balance by releasing stress caused by trauma, illness or lifestyle.


Emerge feeling a new sense of calm, serenity, refreshed and rejuvenated.  


The retreat is kept small, hosting 20 guests maximum to make sure each guest can get plenty of personalised advice and attention


Hatfield House, Church Lane (off Great North Road), George’s Gate, Hatfield, Hertfordshire,


The Oak House, Church St, Hatfield AL9 5AR

23 April 2023 

Estimated Timeline

10:00  Arrive and welcome
10.15 Yoga flow that uplifts, strengthens and energises the mind and body

11.45 -12.00 Breath and meditation practice

12.00  to 13.30 Lunch 

Time to connect with others, have a walk round the grounds, perhaps a treatment

13:30 -14.30 A guided walking meditation through the grounds 

14.30 -15.30 Restorative Yoga Class 

15.45 -16.45 Sound Bath

17.00 - 17.30 Event Closure

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Not included

  • Travel

  • Treatments - please email me to book your 30 min massage

Whats included

Everything you need for the perfect day of  self care includes:

  • Welcome drink

  • 1 flow yoga class

  • 1 restore yoga class

  • guided meditation

  • Breath work

  • Sound Gong Bath

  • fresh wholesome lunch 

  • fruit and unlimited water 

  • yoga mats, blocks and straps (feel free to bring your own )

  • A goody bag



Early bird price before  31st March

Payment plan avail

£159 thereafter


I love music, sunshine, an under dog and kindness. My stepdad was an alcoholic who had many demons, and I watched how it tore his life apart. I know times were way different then and a colourful start to life meant I was intuitive from an early age.


As I went through my adolescent and young adult years I had my fair share of working through self doubt, anger and resentment and it was much later in life that I found yoga. It was the actual teaching that helped me soften, forgive, let go. I am by no means perfect but yoga and mindfulness and the continuant work  has helped me create a shift. I'm no longer angry or hung up about the past. I aim to be more present each day and grateful for the life I have. Sometimes I become undone but keep practicing and no longer beat myself up. My practice helps me create a calmer, stronger and more grateful self. Its brought me back from some dark thoughts. 


We all have our own stories and I am honoured to be teaching real people and to be sharing my knowledge and passion with you. I am 500 RYT teacher that teaches with a love for movement and freedom in the body so gratitude, compassion and all the good stuff can be cultivated. The say yoga mirrors our personal journey on this planet and I personally want to stay curious, have fun and never stop growing.

About Bernie

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