Hi, my name is Bernie and I love music, feeling free in my body and having sunshine on my face.  I dipped in and out of yoga for years but it wasn’t until I had my first child that I really fell in love with it. Looking back, I guess I was looking for a way of connecting to my new body and responsibility as a mom. Yoga did just that for me, like an old friend who knew me better than I did at the time. I qualified as a teacher in 2015 just before my second child’s arrival. I naively thought I was going to set up my business while on maternity with 2 small ones. Well you can imagine how that went… It took me to 2019 to finally take the leap  after a colleague and friends death. He is sadly missed, a great guy who would do anything for anyone. I'd lost my dad when I was 18 but this impacted me differently, instead of being angry, it shaped a new path searching for that deeper sense of purpose. I have always been a spiritual warrior that loves a sense of play and balance. I love meeting people with a passion for life, I love real people, story tellers. I  want to stay curious and continue working towards a better version of me.

Lets make some shapes, come and practice with me

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